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DokuWiki Slidy Slideshows

Creating Slideshows from DokuWiki pages

using the Slidy plugin

Slidy - Introduction

  • Slidy is a web based slide show tool
  • Created by Dave Ragget
  • Based on CSS and JavaScript
  • Works in all modern Browsers

Slidy in DokuWiki

  • can be installed as a plugin
  • allows you to create presentations as DokuWiki page
  • using DokuWiki's syntax
  • The presentation is a normal DokuWiki page

How to create

  • Just follow some rules
    • Start with a H1 headline → the welcome page
    • H2 headlines create new slides
    • A horizontal line switches to the handout (only displayed in print)
  • Adding the ~~SLIDYSHOW~~ will create a link to the presentation mode

Additional content for handout

Integrated features

  • Supports mathematical expressions such as `(x^2+y^2)/z^3`

How it works

  • The plugin uses a new feature called pluggable renderers
  • DokuWiki's parser outputs the parsed syntax with the use of so called renderers
  • The Slidy plugin inherits from the default XHTML renderer and adds Dave Raggett's CSS and JavaScript Magic


  • Choose from seven premade themes or put your own in the template ui directory
  • Style blue
  • Style green